Espresso Candle

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This product is a collab with our favourite candle artisan, The Prospect Project.

Here's what they've got to say about this candle (and we couldn't agree more!):

Not for the faint-hearted or caffeine-intolerant, this robust bad boy will kick your ass harder than your F45 trainer after a three-day bender. Infused with the rich fragrance of freshly-ground coffee beans, and perfectly complemented by a smattering of vanilla and buttercream (with just a hint of spice and hipster), our Espresso Martini candle is guaranteed to keep you going long after the caffeine buzz of your early morning, triple-shot macchiato is gone.

Wake up to the enticing smells of a cafe, without the noise and strangers. It’ll be like your very own tall, dark, and oh-so- handsome barman moved into your kitchen and set up shop.

Perfect for: The coffee-lovin’ hipster in your life who’s hopped up on the bean.

Top Notes: Fresh brewed coffee, star anise
Middle Notes: Cocoa powder, brown sugar
Base Notes: Vanilla bean, whipped milk